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Livefood Care : Flightless Fruitfly Culturing

Flightless fruit fly cultures, under the correct conditions, provide a steady supply of adult flies or larvae for smaller amphibian species (such as dart frogs, newts) and invertebrates (mantis nymphs, spiderlings and other young predators).

The most important thing to remember when culturing fruitflies is to plan ahead. Cultures are usually supplied in their infancy, allowing the hobbyist to balance output against their needs. For example, if you only need a few flies a day to feed a single small mantis nymph, you will need to keep the culture cool and limit output, whereas if you are expecting an ootheca (egg sack) to hatch, you will want to accelerate the culture by leaving it in a warm place for several days and possibly adding further food to the culture in the form of rotting banana or other fruit.

For this reason we recommend buying fruitfly cultures well in advance of your need for flies in order to allow time to regulate the culture to suit your needs. This will require buying the culture at least a week before it is needed. A more reliable approach is to constantly rotate cultures, ordering a new culture as soon as the previous culture is nearing the end of its useful life.

Heating and Humidity

Room temperature is adequate.

To accelerate output, increase the temperature (up to 85'F)

To slow output, decrease the temperature.

Keeping Fruitflies Flightless

The fruitflies we sell are flightless as a result of a genetic trait which leads to deformed wings. This does not affect the nutritional value of the flies, but makes them easier to handle.

Unfortunately all it takes is a single wild fruitfly, attracted by the smell of the culture, to lay its eggs or mate with a fly from the existing culture (this can occur through the mesh) and the culture will start producing flies capable of flying. It is therefore recommeded every care is taken to preven contact between cultured flies and wild flies.

Important note: our customers range from those looking to feed a single mantis nymph to those feeding a few hundred. It is impossible to supply cultures at a stage which will suit everyone's individual needs. Cultures will not arrive at the stage you require, as everyone's needs are different - please order well in advance and either warm or cool your culture according to your needs.

One of the most common emails received is that there are too few adult flies in the culture when it arrives. Unlike other livefoods, cultures are not a supply of immediately useable livefood, but a colony from which flies can be produced over time. There will be various stages of larvae in the culture, but it will take time for them to reach adulthood and it is up to the individual to provide the correct conditions according to their own needs.

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