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Waxworms are the larvae of the waxmoth (Galleria mellonella), a UK native which has adapted to live and breed in bee hives, feeding on the honeycomb and often carrying out its entire lifecycle in the confines of the same hive.

Waxworms should be viewed as a treat rather than a staple livefood - they are very rich and can lead to obesity and other health problems in reptiles and amphibians if not fed as part of a balanced diet. Occasionally animals will appear 'addicted' to waxworms, refusing all other foods, however this is easily avoided by avoiding overfeeding in the first place. At the first sign of your pet refusing other foods, immediately stop using waxworms, and monitor weight and intake carefully.


Waxworms do not require feeding, but can be fed on a diet of bran soaked in honey if required. Gut loading is, in this case, not necessary.

Do not offer water, which may be fatal to waxworms, as they are used to a dry anvironment.


Waxworms can be refrigerated in the tub in which they are received for a longer shelf life, or transferred to a larger container if kept at room temperature.

Heating and Humidity

Keep waxworms in the fridge for a long shelf life (up to 3 months), and do not provide any source of water or humidity. Warm gently to room temperature before feeding to your pet.

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