Conditions of Use

Please read the following terms carefully, as by ordering you agree to all of these terms and procedures stated on this website.

In order to be fair and consistent with all customers, no exceptions will be made to any of the following.

By ordering you confirm you also confirm that you are 18 years old or over, or are ordering under the direct supervision and with full permission of a parent or guardian.


Contacting Us

If you need to contact us for any reason, please send an email to or use the contact form.

In order to ensure that all communication is organised and stored appropriately, this is the only accepted means of communication.

Please do not use any other means of contact, including personal messages on forums, etc as this becomes very difficult to administrate. Please do not attempt to contact us using order comments or paypal's comments field, as we do not recieve these comments.

Please refer any specific delivery instructions (eg. "leave packages behind shed") to your local branch of Royal Mail.


Order Status

The following terms are used to define order status:

Processing - The order has been placed, but not yet processed for despatch.

Processed - The order has been processed for despatch.

Please note there is no further update to order status - orders will continue to appear as 'processed' throughout.

If you would like to confirm when your order was shipped, pleae consult the despatch schedule.


Payment Methods

In order to provide a secure checkout process, we use paypal to process all payments made on this site. (You do not need a paypal account to use the paypal checkout)

All transactions are carried out on their secure website, and no other party (including ourselves) has access to your card details.

Paypal notify us electronically when a payment has been received. Please note that in the case of echeques this means that orders are not processed until the payment has cleared.



We only accept orders for the UK mainland. We regret that due to higher costs we do not accept orders to Republic of Ireland.

First Class is NOT a next day service. While the majourity of orders arrive within 24hrs of being sent, this is in no way guaranteed, and should not be relied upon.

Please remember, as with all online stores using first class post, we are at the mercy of Royal Mail. We cannot tell you of the whereabouts or estimated date of arrival for any order, as this is not in our control.

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

*** If your order is urgent, or you require a guaranteed delivery date, please use Next Day Delivery ***

Please remember, we will always despatch promptly as detailed on the site, but we have no control over the time it then takes Royal Mail to deliver orders to you unless Next Day Delivery is used.

Where Next Day Delivery is offered, this does not guarantee an earlier despatch. If you select Next Day Delivery, you are selecting a method only, and not a faster despatch or guaranteed despatch or receipt date. Orders will be sent in accordance with the despatch schedule regardless of your chosen method, and despatch may still be delayed during extreme weather, strike action, or other circumstances beyond our control.


Orders Not Received

While most orders are received within 24 - 48 hours of despatch, orders do occasionally get delayed or lost in the post.

Please note that not all orders are sent on the day they are placed - please see the dispatch schedule for details. If after 3-5 working days of despatch you have not received your order, please get in touch to report the order missing, and we will arrange a replacement. Please note order which have been despatched within 3 working days are not considered delayed, unless sent via Next Day Delivery. Please do not contact us to report orders not received within 3 working days of despatch via First Class.

Missing orders must be reported within 5 working days of despatch, orders reported after this time will not be resent, nor will any refund be given. This has unfortunately become necessary in order to prevent people falsely claiming packages have been lost in the post in order to receive their next order free, which results in a significant loss for and the charities we support. There can be no exceptions.


If your order is despatched on Wednesday 7th April and you have not received it on Monday 12th April (3 working days after despatch) the order will be considered delayed. You will have until Wednesday 14th May (5 working days after despatch) to report is as missing, and a replacement will be sent out. If you do not report is as missing within this period, we will not be able to resend your order or compensate you in any way.


Returns / Replacements / Refunds / Out Of Stock Items

Please note we cannot refund items you have ordered in error, or accept returns of such items. We rely on the details you supply on the website, and cannot exchange items.

In the event your order is incorrect as a result of our error, or an error is made by our supplier (orders are shipped dierect from them to ensure optimum freshness), please get in touch and we will work quickly to resolve this and ensure you receive what you ordered.

If you receive an order in which an item is missing please again contact us to arrange either a refund for the item or a replacement item.

In the event an item is out of stock, our supplier may, at their discretion, send the next size down where this is possible. Feedback from customers in the past suggests they would rather receive slightly smaller items than wait for the size orders, as the next size down is usually adequate. This only applies to Crickets and Locusts as other items are not sold by size.

DOA (Dead on Arrival) - Orders received DOA will be replaced at the earliest opportunity. Please note that a small number of deaths are natural when sending livefoods through the post, orders with a small number of deaths are not considered DOA.

Please note we will always resend orders or send replacement items where possible, refunds are offered at our discretion.


Natural Variation

Living invertebrates are subject to natural variations - sizes will vary slightly from one order to the next and within each orders. Our supplier's aim to be consistent as possible.

We are not entomologists, and make no guarantee as to the exact species being sold. Please also be aware that 'silent' crickets are a quieter species, but still do make some sound - this is true of all crickets sold under the common name 'silent crickets'.


Limit of Responsibility

Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for delays in delivery or their consequences. We will always do our best to get order to you as quickly as possible, but we have no control over Royal Mail's service. and its suppliers accept no responsibility for any damage caused to person or property, regardless of cause.

We accept no responsibility for the health of your pet, or the consequences of feeding your pet with the items offered on this site. The wellbeing of your pet is the product of a number of factors and is not in our control. Feeding an animal live prey inevitably comes with a degree of risk, and it is up to you to determine the correct size and type of food for your pet having fully researched their needs. If you are in any doubt, please consult a vet with experience of exotic pets.

Any advice given on this site or by the author is purely based on my own experience and understanding of exotic pets, and is not a substitute for your own research. If in doubt, please consult a vet with experience of exotic pets.

We reserve the right to ammend these terms without notice.


Terms Editted 09/09/10 to remove clause regarding orders from Northern Ireland and add 18+ clause. Previously, terms last editted 24/09/07. For a copy of the previous version of the terms (the majourity of changes are to layout in order to make these terms clearer), or to discuss them, please email or use our contact page

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